JavaScript Modal While Processing

On the current ASP.NET project that I’m working on, I’m using AJAX to save the user input to a WebMethod(WebService).  While the save is running the user needs to be prompted that their data is being save.  At this time the user should not be able to do any other action on the page until the save has completed. 
Below are the resource that I used to solve this problem. All the resources but the first were fairly complex.  The first resource did a very good job of  solving my problem.  I listed the other resource because they provided some additional information.
Modal-style pops in Javascript and CSS (The simplest and it works; works in IE7 and FireFox 3)
Lightbox Gone Wild (JavaScript Libary) (Looks fairly complex)
Javascript Modal Dialog Tutorial (Discusses issues that browses have)
Modal Dialog Box – modalDialog.js (JavaScript Library)

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