JavaScript: FireFox – Support for IE outerHTML

I have a web page that calls a Web Service.  The Web Service returns HTML.  This HTML need to be updated in the web page.  This is a fairly easy process in IE:  obj.outerHTML = new HTML.  But, I also need to get this to work in Firefox.  At first I had a difficult time creating a solution, but after a little Googling and understanding range and createContexualFragment the pieces started to fall together. This is what I came up with.. 


SetOuterHTML(newHtml, obj) {

   if (obj.outerHTML) {

    obj.outerHTML = newHtml;



      var r = obj.ownerDocument.createRange();


      var df = r.createContextualFragment(newHtml);

      obj.parentNode.replaceChild(df, obj);

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