Entity Framework

 ADO.NET Entity Framework
Introducing ADO.NET Entity Framework(By Julia Lerman) 
MSDN Quickstart (Entity Framework)
ADO.NET Entity Framework
Additional MSDN Links
The following topics enable you to learn more about the Entity Framework:
          Additional Entity Framework Resources

Provides links to conceptual topics and links to external topics and resources for building Entity Framework applications.

          Getting Started (Entity Framework)

Provide information about how to get up and running quickly using the Quickstart (Entity Framework), which shows how to create a simple Entity Framework application.

          Quickstart (Entity Framework)

Shows you how to use the Entity Data Model tools with Visual Studio 2008 to quickly create your first Entity Framework application.

          Application Scenarios (Entity Framework)

Provides task-based links to topics that match specific application scenarios, such as writing queries, binding objects to data controls, or implementing business logic.

          Entity Framework Features

Provides more detailed information on the features that compose the Entity Framework and links to topics that discuss those features.

          Entity Framework Terminology

Defines many of the terms that are introduced by the EDM and the Entity Framework and that are used in Entity Framework documentation.

          Tons of “How Do I?” Videos — Data Platform Development
Why use the Entity Framework
A decent blog that discusses LINQ to SQL, Tradiontal ADO.NET, and NHibernate.
Entity Framework Q&A
EntityClient + Entity SQL
Object Services + Entity SQL
Object Services + LINQ
Introducing the Entity Framework (by Shawn Wildermuth)
Julie Lermans Blog( author of Entity Framework)
MSDN Webcast: MSDN geekSpeak: Julie Lerman on ADO.NET (Level 200)
Julie does a great job of presenting EF.  She has a book called Programming Entity Framework, which is an O’Reilly press book, that is schedule to be released January 15, 2009.
dnrTV – Dan Simmons on The Entity Framework Part 1
dnrTV – Dan Simmons on The Entity Framework Part 2
LINQ to Relational Data: Who’s Who?
LINQ to SQL; LINQ to Entities
Entity Framework- The Crib Sheet
ADO.NET Entity Framework Essential Resources  October 2008

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