Re-Learning Backbone.js

In 2011 and in early 2012, I did an extensive amount of work with Backbone.js. I believe I was fairly competent with the technology and grew very fond of Backbone.js. During this time I created a blog post on Backbone.js, “Understanding Backbone.js – Simple Example”. Based on comments, this post did help a few individuals. Sometime around March my priorities changed and since then I’ve done very little client side development.

In November I started back doing client side development. I researched the different MV* frameworks and settled on using Backbone.js again. While I understood the concepts of MV* frameworks and Backbone.js, some of the details of the technology I could no longer recalled. Programming is definitely not riding a bike.

Since I was doing this on my own time, I didn’t have any deadlines or anyone I reported to. So I decided to re-learn Backbone.js from scratch.

When I wrote my first blog post on Backbone.js, I had many months of experience with the technology. I tried to create a very simple tutorial, but anyone who has no knowledge of Backbone.js would have a difficult time understanding some of the concepts. It’s amazing how well some authors can convey a concept at a beginner’s level about subjects that they are experts in. I know others that are extremely brilliant, but when they discuss a concept to someone who has little knowledge about the topic, they have a very difficult time explaining it. There are concepts that I know that I take for granted, and trying to explain these concepts at an elementary level is not easy. Many times when explaining something there are multiple concepts that need to be understood, and each concept needs to be understood to understand the other concepts. In the “Understanding Backbone.js – Simple Example” blog post, I took for granted that the readers understood certain concepts. The post I wrote was not short, and if I didn’t make these assumptions about the reader, the post would have been much longer.

Now that I’m re-learning Backbone.js, I thought this would be a great opportunity to provide others the basic concepts of Backbone.js. I have made assumptions that readers do have a basic knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery.

I have already been through the trials and tribulations of working with JavaScript in complex application. I then started to use jQuery. jQuery helped out, but did not solve for many of the complexities of the application. I had experience with MVC frameworks on the server side, and started reading about the different MV* frameworks on the client side. Eventually I decided to use Backbone.js. It would be nice if I could give you all the reasons I decided on Backbone.js, but this was a maturation process that would be very difficult to recall. With that in mind, I also make the assumption that readers have a basic understanding of MV* frameworks and the reasoning to use one and why the reader has decided to use Backbone.js.

Up to this point I have now written 7 posts in regards to re-learning Backbone.js and hopefully there will be more to come. This has been a lot of fun. With writing these posts I have learned much more than I would have otherwise learned. I hope these posts help others to learn Backbone.js and be more proficient.

It’s amazing the number of kind comments that readers provided to the post “Understanding Backbone.js – Simple Example”. Even though I’m not a sentimental person, these comments do provide me great appreciation that others benefited from the post. Please keep the comments coming. I am thankful for them and they keep me writing about topics I enjoy.

Below are my posts on Backbone.js. I plan to keep this list up to date on topics about Backbone.js.



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  1. I expecting much from this tutorial, the authors position “from expert to newbies” is very nice.
    Often when you learning something, you can easily tell your friend to do “that , that and that, but be aware of this and those dependencies”. But your own previous struggles to do the same things were in studying few big libraries and some tutorials, and I very glad to find someone who will learn me to do “that , that and that ” 😀

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